Magdalen Tower

Oxford through one of the apertures at the top of Magdalen Tower Oxford

Oxford through one of the apertures at the top of Magdalen Tower Oxford

Golden Key

Oxford is an amazing place and if you are fortunate enough to know someone with access to parts not open as a rule to the general public then you may get to see some extraordinary sights. Magdalen Tower is such a one and I was very fortunate to be able to climb to the top after “The Don” produced a truly ancient and immense key (at least a foot long), turned the massive lock and led us up a staircase that defied all rules of health and safety and out onto the leads at the top. The view of Oxford was breathtaking and gave you a perspective rarely seen by the hoi polloi drifting aimlessly up and down the main street or inexpertly handling punts on the Isis. We looked down on them all and thoroughly enjoyed the privilege. Pride, they say, commeth before a fall, and I nearly plummeted to my death negotiating the dark and precipitous stairway. Thankfully an accompanying student broke my fall and I lived to inspire envy with my unique photographs.


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