Swan on Swan

These 2 swans very obligingly posed for a photo yesterday.
These swans very obligingly posed for a photo yesterday.

Ooops I double blogged!

I realised that I had become so engrossed with blogging that I got all excited yesterday and “double blogged” the same information! New to blogging I wonder…

Have I breached blogging etiquette? Will I lose my most kind and exclusive list of followers? Is there blog blackballing for people who bore others twice with the same material?

I must confess that blogging has become my guilty pleasure and thanks to all those who have taken the time to look at my photos and read some of my anecdotes.

Swans 1

Swans 5

Yesterday, after my blogging double-up and pining for Paris, Miss H and I went a photo shooting around our local area and while we sat scoffing a large bag of potato crips each (another guilty pleasure) a flock of black swans congregated and very thoughtfully allowed us to take some shots which I attach for your viewing pleasure. It is rare to see so many at once.

Once again, thanks for viewing and if you have any comments about my blog and how it could be improved I would love to hear from you. (Just click on the plus button at the end of the post pictures to access the comment section)

Happy browsing!

Swans 3

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Grateful and Guilty.”

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