Asakusa – Lanterns à gogo

Asakusa and you can never have too many lanterns when it's festival time!

Asakusa and you can never have too many lanterns when it’s festival time!

It’s lanterns à gogo in Asakusa and with one of the biggest paper lanterns in the world, Asakusa is a must see destination. Whether it is browsing the traditional shops in the streets before or sampling the produce from the little food stalls lining the pathways, you are sure to enjoy. I can particularly recommend the octopus balls.

I discovered this photo I took many years ago on an abandoned USB after tidying my office today and thought it may have interest as an historical item. I also discovered several unreadable floppy discs and a mummified digestive biscuit in a manila folder marked “Misc”.

Another day well spent.

One Word Photo Challenge: Copper


6 thoughts on “Asakusa – Lanterns à gogo

    • This delicacy is available at all good temples. Octopus bits in a batter fried on grills with ball shaped indentations. I hope this clarifies matters. Google “takoyaki” if you would like to see these tasty treats. It could be a good theme to match with your cool latest squid artwork. 🙂

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