The Temple of Love

The T
The Temple de l’Armour in the English styled garden in Versailles. I took this photo in Autumn.

On a leisurely stroll one day through the grounds of Versailles we came upon the charming Temple of Love which Richard Mique designed and built not long before poor Marie Antoinette had an unfortunate encounter with Madame Guillotine. She could apparently see this temple from her room in the Petit Trianon and it housed a sculpture of cupid by Bouchardon, now in the Louvre as it was too valuable to be left out in the rain. The current cupid is by Mouchy and the entire is quite exquisite.

People may say unkind things about Marie Antoinette but the hamlet and surrounding gardens are an inspired example of the then newly fashionable English style and I fell in love with the Temple de l’Amour and relished the opportunity to enjoy a delightful stroll in this wonderful place.

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