Blue Sky and Salmon Gums

A Perth day of 100 degrees and the sky shining through salmon gum under a brilliant blue sky.
A Perth day of 100 degrees and the sun shining through salmon gums under a brilliant blue sky.

My daughter and I went to Guildford (in Western Australia) today with a view to taking a few photos in this very picturesque town. The main street is quintessentially Australian and in the intense dry heat of a typical Perth day (38 degrees celsius or 100 degree farenheit for those most excellent readers from America) the shots were very clear and the sky intensely blue. This is one of the photos which was taken through the branches of a salmon gum with the sun high in the sky.

The main street is now mainly occupied with some very interesting Antique and knick-knack shops where I acquired a rare Nilsen Kookaburra hot water jug for a mere $25 and a lavish French spelter and onyx lamp for a mere $30. My Daughter found an interesting copper and pottery art-deco teapot for $25 to grace her new flat so we both returned with more than just memories.

There is one strange anomaly on the main street, a museum devoted to stuffed animals – a must see….(if you have a thing for stuffed animals). We have yet to get up the courage to enter due to the distinct “Addams Family” vibe you can glimpse through the door.



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