Papa Bouilloire Chapter 3 continued

Chapter 3 Continued (for the first installment click HERE)

A view of the Oxford Camera I snapped around midday in summer.
A view of the Oxford Camera I snapped around midday in summer.

I must apologise again for leaving you at such a critical moment in my adventures but I had to dash away to staunch a flood of water from an archaic and overflowing toilet cistern.

You may recall that I had just been forsaken by my companion and I was now at liberty to pursue my vital goal, namely…to procure the sky-blue Irish woollen jacket.

I raced down to the window of Woodbine and Sasquach (or whatever that anachronistic shop was called) that once held my dream jacket.

Amazingly it was still there!

Although shaken by our supermarket experiences, I did not hesitate to enquire if, “One might be able to purchase the blue Irish woollen sports coat currently on display” and was met with an “indeed sir may.” Soon after I held the bulging bag containing the article which I know will turn all heads at the Christchurch dinner. A lengthy search through the Antique shop nearby was singularly disappointing but killed the time until my colleague decided that he wanted to speak to me again and suggested lunch. We found a quirky restaurant where Mr … ate some sort of fish fillet and I ordered the fish pie.

A gargantuan casserole filled with fish, prawns, small pickled onions and a layer of piping hot well-browned cheesy mash appeared. It was delicious. Despite his professions of healthy eating, Mr … eyed my food longingly and asked to try some. I let him. As the waitress now started to look at us like the checkout assistant at this point, we finished our meals and went to climb the castle.

Alas little remains of this once dominant structure but I did find a small piece of what undoubtedly was a medieval tile which my colleague maintained was a “lump of dirt” and then we went to Debenhams where some off the rack “Onesies” which apparently you wear to parties were being offered for a mere 12 pounds 99 pence. Uninspired by the selection of gorilla or leopard suits we left and meandered through the town until dinner time. A tasty repast of tacos finished the day and we retired exhausted to our beds knowing that we had at least not squandered our time, like so many ignorant tourists have done, but sucked the very cultural marrow from the day.

This is the fabulously picturesque Oxford Castle. A must see for medieval enthusiasts.
This is the fabulously picturesque Oxford Castle. A must see for medieval enthusiasts.

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