Life is Short

On a perfect spring day we emerge from a pretty wilderness to see the most charming of views.
On a perfect spring day we emerge from a pretty wilderness to see the most charming of views.

Day 3 of Writing 201. The theme? Writing 201: Trust. The form? Acrostic. Today’s device: internal rhyme

I thought I might use my blog name as an inspiration for a sonnet which is also an acrostic, and here it is.

La Vie Est Courte

Life is short and happiness is fleeting

And all the world is burdened down with care

Vexed the plans for some enchanted meeting

Inflexible the Moriae’s baleful stare


Even so sometimes a moment golden

Emerges from the maelstrom of the years

Suddenly to charm we are beholden

Transported far from anguish, pain and tears


Could we take these moments as life’s measure

Oh what true joy would life now here contain

Uplift the heart, seeking out life’s treasure

Refusing to succumb to sorrow’s strain


Trust that each new day must have its beauty

Enjoy, and make joie de vivre your duty.

If short and sweet is more your thing then perhaps you might enjoy a Haiku (click here) or two (click here)!

If you prefer Limericks try out the Day 2 challenge offering here


      1. For the moment I’m thinking along the lines of reading your blog in depth (rather than flit around it as I’ve been doing) and sending you some questions about it – the answers could feature as a sort of guest post on my blog. How does that sound to you?

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  1. You are so clever. Here is one I wrote, inspired by you.
    Life is too short – damn, students to be taught.
    And yet all the world calls your camera to be unfurled.
    Vexed the plans for garnering more fans
    Inflexible fate – oh a photo of a gate.
    Even sometimes so do golden moments glow
    Emerging from the maelstrom
    Suddenly to charm – oh, Marie Antoinette’s farm!
    Transported far – ooh, a speccy yellow car.
    Could we take – my, what a stunning lake.
    Oh what true joy – when your camera you employ.
    Uplift the heart – pics of dessert, including tart.
    Refusing to succumb – oh dear, your lining up is not plumb.
    Trust that each new day will give you more to say.
    Enjoy – you wrote the livre about joie de vivre

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