Merci beaucoup! Thank you!

This charming view from the abandoned picnic ground at the base of a cliff I fortuitously tumbled down was a joy to behold.
Life can be a wonderful journey with unexpected surprises. I hope you will continue with me on these travels through life.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those wonderful people out there who have taken an interest in La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin since its beginnings in November 2014. In the last week the 100th follow was recorded and I am very grateful for all those kind people who have taken an interest in my posts as well as taken the time to comment on posts and images they have enjoyed. I hope we can continue on this journey together and would love to hear from any of you about what you like about the blog, want to see more of or just to say hello!

Best wishes and thanks for giving me the incentive to keep posting on La vie set trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin as well as inpiring me with your own wonderful blogs!

Here is a gallery of images from the blog so far for you to enjoy…



  1. I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely! Congratulations on the 100th follow and you are sure to garner many more. Your photos always have a story to tell and your stories are so well told that they can stand on their own merit. Together they make for great posts! I look forward to reading more from you.

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    1. Just up and about in Perth on a Sunday morning. You have made my day with your kind words. I remain, as always, in awe of your own blog which I love to read. Very best wishes. TJ 🙂

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