Connaissance is Bliss

St Malo Fort at low tide
How could one not feel bliss when greeted by this view over the ramparts! The vivid lichen that covers the tops of the walls in St Malo only serves to compliment the blues of the sea and the texture of the rocks exposed at low tide.

This view gave me the most wonderful joy when first I beheld it. Walking around the walls of St Malo we came upon a section of the ramparts where the surface was covered by the most vivid yellow lichen. Stepping closer, I looked over to see this splendid fort by Vauban fully linked to the land at low tide.

I loved the texture of the rocks where other more adventurous tourists clambered where the sea had been metres deep but moments before.

A flotilla of tiny yachts on the horizon manned by an intrepid group of sea scouts like the Maloins of old, ventured out into the depths and wonderful maritime adventure.


  1. Beautiful blog and photos! Love the bliss photo and also your tagline! Must remember that when I’m in a bar again or buying a bottle in the supermarket!… 🙂

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  2. Hello and thank you for your nice comment.
    Vauban, I’m a fan. I don’t know Saint-Malo, and I would love.
    A very beautiful picture. Indeed, the opening of the sea, makes you want to other areas, to travel and adventure. This dream, as I do this morning, traveling 🙂

    Bonjour et merci pour votre gentil commentaire.
    Vauban, je suis fan. Je ne connais pas Saint-Malo, et j’aimerais beaucoup.
    Une bien belle photo. En effet, l’ouverture sur la mer, donne envie vers d’autres espaces, vers les voyages et l’aventure. Cela fait rêver, comme je le fais depuis ce matin, à voyager 🙂

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