Mondayitis! And it’s raining!

Last of the autumn flowers in the Luxembourg Gardens.
Last of the spring flowers in the Luxembourg Gardens which I snapped in April. This was not, alas, what I saw today on the way to work.

Mondayitis! And it’s raining! Typical!    

Well here we are in sunny Perth and the unthinkable has happened!


Yes that is right! It has rained!

This unprecedented natural phenomenon instantly caused all of the people going to work to drive like maniacs and in no time at all the entire freeway was like a wet version of the “Fast and the Furious”.

Why rain in Perth causes this effect I can only speculate…

  1. People are petrified that the rain will wash off the paint from their cars.
  2. Driving faster means less drops will hit your car.
  3. They have forgotten where the windshield wiper switch is from lack of use.
  4. The increased moisture in the air is absorbed by drivers’ brains through their ears causing impaired judgement.

Naturally huge crashes ensued as soon as the first drop fell and a trip of half an hour became an hour and 10 minutes.

Fortunately, whilst trapped in this gridlock I had the opportunity to look about me and enjoy the mise-en-scène.

This mainly consisted of a large sign plastered on the back of a bus in front of me advertising “Budget Cremations” (or something very similar).

This is not what you really want to be stuck behind for half an hour or so on a Monday in the rain.

The poster mainly consisted of a bearded 50-something gentleman with a very ambivalent expression reaching up with an outstretched finger, seemingly touching a star. Now although I am not yet 50, I do have a beard, and the whole idea of dispatching grandpa with a quick touch of a burning sun did not, I am afraid to say, fill me with joie de vivre.

Thankfully the traffic moved at last and I plodded slowly towards work, the only other memorable event being a refrigerated food van which careened in front of me.

This pantechnicon clearly advertised on the back that it was transporting fruit and vegetables for a company called “Fresh As Provisions” only some clever person had added an extra “S” to the “As” instantly making the cucumber pictured beneath into something far less appetizing.

Well it is Monday so what else could one expect?

Daily Post Prompt:Cringe-Worthy


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