Such food for thought in Westminster Abbey. The source of so much faith for over a thousand years.
Such food for thought in Westminster Abbey. The source of so much faith for over a thousand years. This is how I saw it for the first time on a lovely summer’s day in London.

Searching for answers

I traced the spring to its source

And thought differently

I have only visited Westminster once and found it completely different to what I had imagined. Having only seen it full “Coronation mode” on television I did not realise that there are the most astonishing assortment of side chambers and chapels with relics from throughout its thousand year history. I would have gladly spent more time there but our tour guide was determined to show us the Houses of Parliament that day so whisked us through this labyrinthine edifice and I cannot disentangle my memories of the various wonders.

I do recall some particularly charming medieval floor tiles and walking over a number of tombs of the literati but who exactly I could not say.

I still cannot quite see the honour associated with being buried under a slab which the congregation and now thousands of tourists trample over daily but should this blog one day be recognised as genius and my sad remains be interred in Westminster I am sure I would not mind being walked all over.

In response to ronovanwrites weekly haiku challenge https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-43-source-thought/


  1. I was there many years ago… no guide! travelled by my own… and I was quite impressed by the richness of its contents, the tombs..the cyrpt… the history. I wish I’d visit it again. I’ve been in London more times, but you know… there so many interesting places.

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    1. There are so many beautiful and intriguing things in the world it is always so hard to know if you should go back and see something again or find a new wonder! 🙂


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