The Charming Couple

This little figurine is a Japanese interpretation of an 18th Century couple. Is he her beau or her hairdresser? Who can say.
This little figurine is a Japanese interpretation of an 18th Century couple. Is he her beau or her hairdresser? Who can say

 Poetry 101 Rehab offers a great way to keep up with your poetry composing skills and get samples of great poetry from other contributors on a weekly basis. The prompt changes each week and it is a challenge to compose something to match.

This week’s prompt is “Couple” and, while anyone who cares to read this blog will clearly see that I am all for “L’AMOUR!” you do sometimes run into a couple who are so saccharine sweet in their relationship it does rather put one off.

Anyway here is my contribution in free verse entitled…

The Most Charming Couple

I met the most charming couple,

So wrapped up in each other that they were like a perpetual pass the parcel,

With delightful little surprises under every layer

With little secret smiles for their little secret jokes.

With little kisses, grabbings and pattings.

With quaintly matching outfits.

So eager to share their happiness;

Such lovely stories of their adventures,

The hilarious picnic where the bird stole the cheese.

How they almost didn’t get to the concert because the tandem bicycle’s tyre burst.

That time that he bought her a kitten and how sweetly it drank the milk.

How they just loved the same television shows/music/tapas bar…

So thoughtful to others.

Always of one mind,

Such lovely little projects for helping their single friends find happiness.

I know the most charming couple…

Thank God they split up!

In reponse to Poetry 101 Rehab prompt “Couple”

Poetry 101 Rehab: Couple


      1. More realistic, I would say! Human Nature dictates we are all different in some way, surely. If you cannot explore that with the person closest to you (even if it does mean the odd disagreement), are you being ‘real’ with each other?
        Am sure there are other perspectives and perceptions! 🙂

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        1. Very true! They still laughed after reading it. That’s why I love blogging so much. You get so many different ideas and perspectives and step outside your own cultural perspective too! Meilleurs voeux! 🙂

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          1. Think I prefer the French! 🙂 although as a British guy (originally) “Cheers mate,” works – in South Africa now, “Ja boet!” would also do it! So interesting the difference in english in the various English speaking countries! 🙂

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