Thursday Shmursday

“Freo” as West Aussies fondly refer to Fremantle has the most beautiful beaches. A late finish to work today and I was luckily driving home when I saw this sunset, the fisherman and the cargo ships on the horizon. Thank you camera phone!

I have been racking my brain for some clever name for something to do on a regular basis on Thursday. Unfortunately the old reliable alliteration just does not offer any enticing options.

“Thespian Thursday”? How pretentious!

“Theocracy Thursday”? Share your stories of life in the time of Moses? Limited appeal

“Thoracic Thursday”? Catch up with readers who have had thoracic surgery? Hmmm

“Fun Friday”, “Manic Monday”, “Scenic Saturday” or even “Mens’ day Wednesday” scream potential, but poor old Thursday just sits like a blob in the less fashionable part of the week, unloved and uninviting.

(NOTE: Please do not use “Mens’ day Wednesday” as I just thought of it and intend fully to use it at a later date)

Each Thursday at our work we are treated to party pies. These quintessentially Australian party treats consisting of small pies filled with unidentifiable meat, gristle and rich gravy and may not be known to readers beyond our shores. Let me assure you that until you have experienced the delicious sensation of having your taste buds seared off by nuclear hot gravy flowing from a dessicated pastry case, the crispness of which can only be achieved by heating for 4 to 5 hours in a pie warmer, you have not known true pleasure. Aussies cannot get enough of them.

Anyway, even this joyous event seems incorrect on Thursday when only a day later we could have had “Pie day Friday”!

So here we are at Thursday Shmursday and if there is any bright spark out there who can devise an attractive activity to suit Thor’s name day then do let me know.

About the picture: We do rather take for granted that everyone gets to see this on a daily basis. I was on my way home late from work today and was just in time to stop and snap this shot of cargo ships out in the ocean directly off the beach where we often swim. A lone fisherman battles the forces of nature. I suddenly realised how lucky we are.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature


  1. Does the name of the day is going to change your party???? Well…”Thursday is always Thursday” or “Aussies’ Thursday. Needn’t to comment the wonderful shot!

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