Wunderkind Wednesday

New worlds, ideas and inspiration are only a click away. Discover a new perspective on Wunderkind Wednesday
New worlds, ideas and inspiration are only a click away. Discover a new perspective on Wunderkind Wednesday!

Wunderkind Wednesday

Welcome to Wunderkind Wednesday, an occasional post where you will find featured the work of one of the wonderful bloggers out there who I have come across in my travels in the Blogosphere.

Curtis Bausse, a Welshman by birth and and a world traveller by choice, is the author of

Journey of a Blogvelist

which is a wonderful collection of commentary, prose, poetry, imagined interviews and more.

I sent Curtis some questions about his blog, his novel and his life and you can read his responses below.

I certainly learnt so much about Curtis’ journey and his work and I hope you enjoy this insight into this “Blogvelist’s” world.

A lot of your writing has a light-hearted whimsical character about it that I really enjoy. Do you have a preferred genre of writing? Humour? Poetry?

I try to make the blog light-hearted – I understand and support those blogs that seek to raise awareness about certain issues, but the daily news is already bleak enough for me. It’s not an easy balance to strike – entertaining, but informative at the same time. I’d rather turn to fiction to handle more serious topics. As for poetry, my own is so far limited to nonsense rhymes, but I’m working up the courage to do your haiku challenge.

I see you enjoy participating in some of the challenges out there in WordPress land. Do you have any you particularly enjoy and why?

I like the Bookblogger’s Flash Fiction Foray – you have the title of a song as a prompt and 100 words maximum for the story. It’s not a competition and there’s no real deadline, so the approach is very relaxed. Izzy-Grabs-Life has some interesting topics related to writing and she always does a thorough presentation of the topic herself. I’ve also done the Show Your World event at Tiny Expats. Sometimes an event triggers an idea, so I’ll do it, but if no decent idea comes, it doesn’t matter.

I see from some of the comments in your “About” page that you are in Mayotte at the moment. I am embarrassed to say I have never heard of it. Can you tell us a little about it?

Very few people have heard of it – even in France, not many people can say exactly where it is! It’s a small island in the Mozambique Canal which officially became France’s 101st department in 2011. Very beautiful, with some fabulous marine life in the lagoon, but being so close to the very poor Comoros Islands (to which it formerly belonged), it’s a magnet for illegal immigrants. So it’s a fascinating place, but quite disturbing in some ways.

You have recently set up the Bausse Gazette. This looks like a great way to showcase some of your writing. Can you tell us a little more about it?

When I was working, I had several stories I started but never finished. The Gazette is a way to get them sufficiently finished to be sent to readers, even if they’ll no doubt go through further revision. It also includes new material, with a wide variety of topics and moods.

Can you tell us a little more about your novel “One Green Bottle”

Well, here’s the blurb: When Magali Rousseau sets herself up as a private detective, she expects to take pictures of dodgy salesmen and adulterers. Wrong. Her very first case, and it’s murder. Then comes another. And another. Until she finds herself trapped in her house with a killer whose only aim is to make her his tenth – and final – victim. Set in France, One Green Bottle is not just about Magali’s hunt for a serial killer. It’s also the story of the confidence she gains, both as a detective and as a woman recently divorced. But that is of little help when it comes to putting her case to the police.

There’s a true story behind it. My wife sold a book on Amazon with a crease in the cover. In the description, she mentioned this. The woman who bought it gave her a zero rating and called her dishonest. ‘Doesn’t that make your blood boil?’ I said. Yes, she said, but there was nothing she could do. Except, I thought, write a book, my first venture into crime fiction. In the novel, David Solenn is a professional seller on ebay, who argues with a man who complains, accidentally killing him. Naturally, David is horrified – even more so when he finds himself yearning to discover the thrill of a real murder.

I have really enjoyed reading the start of your novel. Do you see it as a work in progress or a finished work at this stage?

It’s finished, apart from proof-reading and editing, which will be done over the summer. But although I’m happy with it (as happy as one can be, that is), I’m well aware it’s just another crime novel in an already crowded field. I enjoyed writing it, but getting a novel to stand out is tough! Once it’s been professionally edited to the highest standard, it will no doubt be self-published, with October this year as a release date.

How did you first get interested in writing?

Probably when my English teacher read out an essay of mine, a piece of creative writing about friendship. So a long time ago!

I understand you are a Welshman. Do you think your heritage affects your writing?

I don’t think so. I didn’t really become attached to my Welsh identity until I moved to France. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

If you could pick 5 words to describe you what would they be?

Tenacious, curious, reserved, contented, anxious

Each blog has its own character. What would you like to draw particular attention to if a new visitor was interested in exploring your blog?

It’s still quite recent, so no doubt has yet to settle into a definitive style. One feature I enjoy writing is the Thursday Interview, which I try to make both humorous and thought-provoking. I’ll shortly be starting a weekly column for the serialised writing website Channillo, and many of my interviewees will move there, describing their activities in What a Life! What a Day! So the Thursday Interview now needs to replace them. Suggestions are welcome!

You can find Curtis Bausse’s world here: Journey of a Blogvelist


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