Tragic Loss

I have just discovered a very enjoyable challenge hosted by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers where you have 150 words (give or take a few) to write a story based on a photo prompt. This photo courtesy of Dawn M. Miller of a gazebo was this week’s prompt.

Here is my attempt at a very short story based on it. Hope you enjoy…….

Tragic Loss

Through the autumn leaves she ran, yesterday’s ball gown collecting a new hem of russet reds and browns; her shoes, long gone. She felt the textures of the grass, the twigs, the stones but she did not stumble or falter.

In the distance she saw it; the rotunda where they had danced for the first time when the air was heavy with the scent of summer roses, the trees alive with flowers and lanterns, standing out amongst the barren trees. As she got closer she could see something on the platform. A form substantial enough to be obvious although the path to the gazebo sloped upwards.

She rushed onwards towards the object, slumped, lifeless on the floor.

Breathless she climbed the stair and knelt.

“Phew!” she gasped, picking up her mink. “Harold would never forgive me if I had lost this!”

141 words


  1. Lovely descriptions of the autumn colours and memories of the summer gone by. I particularly like the way you build the story up to appear that something awful has happened at the gazebo, then drop that excellent final line. 🙂

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