Wide Brown Land

A three day hike across the range takes you through an amazing environment rarely seen.
A three day hike across the range takes you through an amazing environment rarely seen.

Australia is sometimes known as the “Sunburnt Country”.

Certainly it is a land of great contrasts and it is huge…HUGE!

We have the lot. Snow capped mountains to scorching deserts and everything in between.

This is a view over the range in far North West Australia.

The ranges in Exmouth are an amazing landscape and this shows them at a time where they are unusually green. This is not place for a casual stroll for it is a maze of goat tracks, plummeting cliffs, massive gorges and treacherous rocks. At the top there are vast sections of old seabed with the sharpest fossilized coral. The temperature during the day is often near 100 degrees and at night it can become quite freezing depending on when you are there.

It is however spectacularly beautiful if you are one of the lucky few to cross the range for you have to have special permission to camp there.

This view out to the ocean was taken in September at a time when the plants were uncharacteristically green due to some unexpected rains.

One Word Photo Challenge: Hot  http://jennifernicholewells.com/2015/05/19/one-word-photo-challenge-hot/


  1. I’ve never bee in your country, a real pity, but Sapin is too far away,. I’ve read things about Australia, seen documentals, pictures and I’m sure is a fantastic country to see hundreds of places, a corner very different from the others, the outback…Perth, Adelaide, Sydney….The shot doesn’t look very cosy…but is a Wide Brown Land…

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    1. I have never been to Spain. It also looks like a wonderful place with many different types of scenery. Maybe one day I will have the chance to visit. 🙂


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