Father Ignatius Seldom Flew

 I so enjoyed the last challenge hosted by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers where you have 150 words (give or take 25) to write a story based on a photo prompt. This beautiful photo prompt is courtesy of PricelessJoy.

Here is my second attempt at a very short story based on it. Hope you enjoy…….

Father Ignatius Seldom Flew

Father Ignatius seldom flew. It upset the parishioners, and it caused the Bishop no end of trouble. The Archbishop reluctantly sent to Rome for advice on the matter but the waspish reply received from an administrative Monseigneur implied the Pope was not to be disturbed by such nonsense and made dark suggestions about a financial audit.

Unfortunately Ignatius, quite selfishly some thought, continued to levitate at unexpected moments…During the “youth mass” drum solo after communion; half-way into Mary O’Shea’s forty minute talk about her charity work teaching African women about family planning through the medium of puppetry; that time hairy Gino Tintoretto surprised the congregation in a loin cloth when they replaced the sermon with a dramatic recreation of “Jesus and the money lenders.”

“Something has to be done” agreed the Parish council.

Thankfully the solution was a simple one. Soon after, Gabriella Mouseman forgot to close the windows after arranging the flowers and Father Ignatius flew out during a “Celebrating Sisterhood” liturgical dance and was never seen again.

169 Words


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