Mondayitis – I got an award!

I took this photo of Mt St Michel in 2012 Quote: “One should always strive to reach a worthy goal. I feel that posting 200 posts on WordPress definitately fits this criteria.” Bloggy Mc Blogster

Mondayitis – I got and Award!

Nestled in the far recesses of a broom cupboard lies a coffee jar filled with mementos lovingly stored by an 8 year old in 1978. There is a cotton spool with glued on googly eyes. Some cartoon drawings, a large macramé bead with glued on googly eyes, a gonk, a pom pom with glued on googly eyes, and a faded blue ribbon marked “first place”

This reveals two things…

  1. I was obsessed as a child with gluing googly eyes to things
  2. It was the last time I got an award

That is until I started blogging…

At last I could get awards for what I am best at…sitting around indulging my unbridled Narcissism.

No sooner had I typed my first feeble post when WordPress sent me my first shiny star!!!

Gradually I accumulated more of these coveted soleils de joie and now I have a virtual cabinet full of awards and my latest star shows how I have now posted my 200th post! JOY!

Not only that but hundreds of people…OK, 2 people nominated me for other awards.

Finally, instead of being the knocked kneed teenager destined to be forever the last choice in the softball team, I was now part of the major blogging league, staring down from the heady heights at those neophytes struggling to populate their newbie blogs with posts.

Only one or two questions remain…

  1. If, after laboriously producing 200 wonderfully fascinating and scintillating posts, why I have not got thousands of followers or gone viral?
  2. Can I continue to bear the malice and envy of those around me who claim that I have become obsessed with blogging to the point of ignoring my family and neglecting my work?

Who can say? All I know is that I have the shiny star awards and some others don’t and that if the people at work think it funny to sneer and call me Bloggy Mc Blogster instead of Monsieur Paris, then “Bring it on!” say I!

If after reading this moving post you feel compelled to like, follow or comment then I think you should definitely indulge yourself….pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze!

ASIDE: Thanks to all those wonderful people who have followed me! I have been so very appreciative of your interest, likes and comments!


    1. Thanks! Fortunately writing drivel seems to come naturally to me so I can produce large quantities of writing surprisingly quickly. Only others can determine the quality! 😉


  1. Congratulations on your blogging achievements. Haha Bloggy McBlogster … I like it. I’m sure your family and everyone at your place of employment adores you and your amusing take on life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. I was very please with this photo which was a part of a larger photo that developed this almost water colour quality when I focussed in.


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