He Who Hesitates

Life is all swings and roundabouts. Unfortunately behind this charming carousel seemed to be a favourite corner for Frenchmen to relieve themselves.
Life is all swings and roundabouts.

Oh cruel, tragic loss

That caused my inspiration

To render me third

Oh cruel, tragic loss that caused my inspiration.

That caused my inspiration to render me third.

I am the sort of person who just loves being first. I will have to find a less popular challenge, for all the Haiku aficionados are wonderfully adept at creating Haiku in an instant. Thankfully my own Haiku challenge (click here if you are interested TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge) has proven popular with only a select few so I can be sure to be first there!

This is a photo of a carousel that sits just outside the walls of St Malo and it is a rather peculiar thing to be just in front of the massive medieval gates. The French chappies, probably unwilling to fork out the francs to use the public convenience, unfortunately exercise their legal right to make use of the wall behind the carousel which leaves one with a rather pungent reminder of one’s visit as you enter the gates.

Response to Ronovan Writes weekly Haiku Challenge


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