A great big THANK YOU!

I took this photo at Magdalen College, Oxford one glorious summer. The gate promises wonderful adventures beyond.
One of my favorite photos that I took while at Magdalen College, Oxford one glorious summer. The gate promises wonderful adventures beyond.

In the last week two very exciting things happened (well at least I thought they were exciting)

  1. Since starting blogging in November last year the blog has had 10 000 views! Not only that, occasionally someone liked something too!
  2. Today a very kind reader pushed the follow button and became the 200th follower!

I know that there are those blogging gods and goddesses out there whose blogs proclaim their thousands of devoted followers, and with just cause, but to me, 200 kind people who thought for a moment that they might like to come back again after reading a post or two of mine is a wonderful gift and I am very grateful.

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I just wanted to thanks all of you who have taken the time to look at La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin and given me your likes, your friendly encouraging comments, and an opportunity to connect with many of your own wonderfully interesting blogs!

Below is a gallery of some of my favorite photos that have appeared on my posts. If you would like to explore more then hit plus sign at the bottom of the Home Page and you can access all of the categories and search functions. Or just choose from the categories listed at the top of the Home Page itself.

Meilleurs voeux! everyone and remember…Life is too short to drink bad wine!



  1. Oh congratulations. I was away form the blogs for awhile and am just now stopping by some of my favorite sites. Goodness but I do love your photos. You capture the planet at it’s best. Thank you.


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