Neigh Sayers!

This photo prompt for Flash Fiction for Aspiring writers was kindly supplied by Priceless Joy. Last week I enjoyed writing about a family outing to an aquarium based on the prompt and thought some more of the family’s adventures might amuse (or horrify)

I hope you enjoy the 174 word long…

Neigh sayers!

Little Wendy, Great Aunt Eunice, Grandmamma and Grandpapa Lowenbrau, the “Danger twins” and Mother debouched from the Eiffel Tower and walked up the Champs de Mars to Les Invalides, little aware that they were strolling where thousands of years before all of the Parisi tribe fought the Romans completely in the nude and unsurprisingly lost.

“This way!” announced Grandmamma, waving her umbrella. Grandpapa suspected a wrong turn but said nothing.

Down the Rue de Grenelle they marched and turned into the Rue Cler.

“Look Mummy! I wanna see the horsie!”

Mother looked up on her right and saw a jolly Horse’s head mounted on a shop wall. Was it a saddlery? Perhaps they sold riding clothes?

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The danger twins ran ahead and then turned green and ran back. Suddenly little Wendy screamed.

“Tut tut tut!” said Great Aunt Eunice.

“Boucherie Chevaline” announced the sign in charming Art Nouveau letters.

Little Wendy did see the horsie…horsie sausages, horsie steaks, horsie everything.

Little Wendy started to be violently sick.

“Well this is just typical.” Sighed mother.

This was one of the last horse butchers in central Paris which was there when visited in 2012. Thankfully it is no more.
This was one of the last horse butchers in central Paris which was there when visited in 2012. Thankfully it is no more.

About the Photograph: This was not the same butchers mentioned in the story. That one disappeared from the Rue Cler a while ago and now seems to be an innocuous Cafe. The patrons are probably unaware of its previous incarnation. This butchers has also gone from the corner of the Rue de la Montagne Sainte Genevieve and the Boulevard Saint Germain. Even at the time we took this shot it was obviously unpopular with the majority of people who had lost the taste for horse it seems. Vandalism and barred windows indicated what people thought of it. The horses heads above the Art Deco writing added another layer of macabre to the scene.

Something of a bygone era which we don’t care to see again methinks!


  1. Brings new meaning to the phrase “horses for courses”, really.

    Loved the story, and the tidbit about the butcher was an interesting and quaint, but repulsive little bonus!

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  2. Well if we remember the frozen meat scandal…
    I lived in Lille for 2 and a half years, up there horse meat is still quite popular, once in a restaurant we recommended the tartar with meat from the boucherie chevaline next door…

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    1. Mmmm! I believe Lille is lovely but have not had the chance to visit it (yet!) I can’t say I care for tartar full stop. Were you able to resist the minced dobbin? 🙂

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      1. I am not a fan of tartar, and at the time I wasn’t eating meat at all I think…
        I think Lille is lovely when you visit, but I did not really enjoy living there, but I guess living for one year in a apartment with mildew and in the middle of the night club/bar neighbourhood and then a year and a half with prostitutes hanging out in front of my building did not help either… But when visiting we tend to be oblivious to such details…

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        1. I can imagine that such “bohemian” types as you mentioned might grow a little tiresome through daily exposure. And mildew too! Perhaps I will leave Lille to a little later. 🙂

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  3. Welcome to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers! We are happy you have joined our challenge and hope you have fun! Very nicely done! Just the idea of horses heads being hung on the walls sickens me. When the kids found out what the shop was and instantly started getting sick is exactly what I would do. I realize there are countries that eat horse meat. We do not in the US and of course because of that, the idea of eating horse meat would naturally be repulsive. Again, thanks for participating and hope to see you again next week.

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