Encouraging Thunder

Many thanks to The Book Blogger (click on the name for a great journey into books, writing and so much more!) for nominating me for the Encouraging Thunder award!

I am not regularly invited to accept awards, in fact I think I have only been offered one other virtual award and still have the last physical award (a sadly faded blue first ribbon from my 50m breastroke win in Junior High) kept as proof that I am not a total loser.

I found another person who has recently had the award and rather like their way of describing it much more alluringly that I could.

Quoted directly form Jenny Kellerford’s very interesting blog “YA Chit Chat”.


“The award is used by others to encourage life, to make your own thunder and to make sure your thunder is loud enough for others to hear. It is to encourage you to get up when you fall and keep going. It’s meant to be powerful and strong. It is a symbol of your own booming voice, your own crack of lightning. your own beautiful presence in the universe.

I am not one to pick and choose who should get this award or any award, but I will share it with any of you who want to take it and display it proudly on your own blog as a symbol to all that you are proud, you are loud, and you are strong in the face of all life’s pleasures and adversities.  May your thunder roll on”

The main caveat of the award is to mention your purpose in blogging or joining the social media.

After travelling to far off places and seeing some of the world that I had longed to visit for decades I thought that blogging was a great way to share some of my experiences. Then I got interested in the various challenges and branched off into writing, poetry, short stories and reflective pieces.

Blogging is a wonderful way to connect with like minded souls, find inspiration, and share something of your own creation with the world.

I could go on (and some of the regular readers are probably saying…”And you do!”) but I won’t. So thank you kind Bookblogger for your nomination and if there is anyone out there who likes the sound of this award please let me know and I would love to nominate you.

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