Swan Song

Two swans glide across the lake in the idyllic Parc Montsouris.
Two swans glide across the lake in the idyllic Parc Montsouris.

The talented Sonya-O (check out her 100 word fiction stories here) kindly provided the prompt for this weeks Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The Lowenbraus are having a break this week.

I hope you enjoy the 175 word long…

Swan Song

The garden party had been going swimmingly.

Lady Kickshaw had spared no expense and, despite the doomsayers who forecasted that the early morning shower would last all day, the rain had stopped just at the right time, leaving the garden moist without being troublesome.

It had happened before.

The precise moment that Lady Kickshaw thought to herself, “How wonderfully perfect life can be.” a loud scream rang out and Lady Kickshaw and her other guests watched in horror as the Archbishop of Snedley-on-Thames skidded down the sloped grass incline and into the lake, the front of his trousers apparently firmly attached to the rear of the immensely expensive ice-swan centerpiece.

The Archbishop claimed ever after that he was just admiring the swan when he was jostled from behind, causing him to spill his claret cup on his trousers which then unfortunately froze to the swan as he staggered forward, the momentum sending him, and the swan tobogganing down the rain soaked slope and into the lake.

He never gets invited to garden parties anymore.



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