Really Neat

Tulip in close.
These neat tulip buds wait to show their all.

Over at “Eat Me”, the dwelling place of the poetic skyllairae, a new and worthy award has appeared. “The Really Neat Blog Award” not only has a rather fetching logo but give bloggers a chance to reveal a little more about themselves.

I am very grateful to skyllairae for nominating me in turn and accept the award with pleasure.

The award comes with a few questions, the answers of which I share here. I hope readers enjoy the responses.

1. What word best describes you?

Ebullient or perhaps Aesthetic (someone rudely suggested Affected)

2What is your greatest fear?

Don’t get me started on my phobias! Sharks possibly, flying, rejection, hair loss…I could go on…

3. Why do you have a blog?

To dwell upon memories of beautiful places I have been and experiences I have had, to write poetry with a purpose and unleash my scathing wit on an unsuspecting world…Basically I like taking photos and writing stuff and here I could share both.

Really it is about sharing with others and the joy of finding new kindred spirits. It is very special to have someone out there who enjoys what you create and inspires you with their own creations.

4. What is your favorite quote?

It would have to be the name of my blog,

“La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin” – Life is too short to drink bad wine” Goethe, and one of the first quotes I learnt in French.

5. Compose a quote about writing or the power of words:

Someone once called my style prolix. I said “Madam! I find your accusation dumbfounding when many people of taste and discernment have perused my epistles and have been good enough to affirm the quality of the aforementioned by adorning these same said pouring-forths from my gilded nib with a étoile d’or!”

  1. What is your favorite thing to write? Short story, poem, novel, do you like to break boundaries with experimental writing? Tell me about it.

It would have to be humorous short stories and tales written in a mock-serious vein. I love satire and farce as well as the rollicking good humour of the 18th Century novelists. Absurdism helps me make sense of life. People are often wonderfully lovable, absurd creations.

  1. How and when did you realize that writing was important to you?

I have always loved writing. I used to write stories and poems as a child but fell out of writing as life’s duties took centre stage. At last I feel I can go back to doing what I enjoy greatly without just having a pile of dusty foolscap pages harboring silverfish in my tiroirs.


Part of the award is to encourage other bloggers. I would like to nominate the following bloggers who I admire but must not feel the least compunction to accept or pass on the nomination if it is not something they would enjoy. You can check out the rules for the award on the original Eat Me post HERE

Kate Martyn, Author:

Life in Frame:

Ravings in Cinemascope:


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