Barrel of Monkeys

This spectacular photo is kindly offered as a prompt by Etol Bagam for the weekly Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. I hope you enjoy the 175 word long…

Barrel of Monkeys

“Where are the danger twins?” fretted mother suddenly realising that they were not on the bridge.

Really those two were most exasperating. 

“Tut tut tut!” said Great Aunt Eunice, adjusting her monocle and peering toward the top of the waterfall.

“Husband! The spyglass!” ordered Grandmamma Lowenbrau. Grandpappa obediently found the object in Grandmamma’s capacious handbag that he always carried to save her the trouble.

Adjusting the lens, Grandmamma spotted a barrel tottering on the edge of the waterfall. She also spotted two identical tousled heads poking out from the top.

At that moment the barrel went over the edge…

Fortunately a unicyclist who had been riding a tightrope across the falls in an attempt to beat a world record just finished his journey when the twin’s barrel connected with the rope which stretched down like an elastic band and eventually catapulted the twins and the barrel back to the top of the falls where they landed unhurt with a mild thump in some lush ferns by the riverside.

“Well that is just typical!” sighed mother.


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