Weird Fruit of a Humid Climate

These bizarre and huge fruit grew in the Vietnamese wilderness

These bizarre and huge fruit grew in the Vietnamese wilderness

Visiting the Cu Chi tunnels was a strange and very sad experience while visiting Vietnam. It was also extraordinarily surreal as we started the tour with a 30 minute ancient communist propaganda video and a walk around tragic relics of war that were set up in peculiar dioramas. The whole area has regrown but was stripped bare during the Vietnam war as the Vietnamese and Americans alike were caught up in this hell hole.

One section of the tour permitted you to fire rounds of live ammunition from old guns – so horrifying given the context (we did not fire any) and I left feeling like I had trespassed on a tragic episode of history.

These huge Jackfruit grew to prodigious size in the cloying, humid air and this was the only photo I took there, feeling that to take pictures of the relics was to trivialise them.

I realilse that this is not my usual up-beat sort of post but sometimes it is good to appreciate how fortunate we are.

I believe it is important not to forget or ignore history but to reduce it to a tourist attraction made me terribly sad.

Jennifer Nichole Wells:


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