Lazy Sunday – Photo Feature

Not feeling the chemistry? Perhaps a trip to L'Alchimiste in St Malo is what you need.
Not feeling the chemistry? Perhaps a trip to L’Alchimiste in St Malo is what you need.

What is your ideal start to a Sunday?

For me it is getting up early (very early) and dashing off to the local “car boot” sale on the lookout for treasures and art. For others the idea of rummaging about in boxes of rubbish at 5.30am on a Sunday morning is strangely unappealing. I fail to understand.

Anyway…It is pouring with rain today so no markets! Horror! What does one do? Well I have been lying here to the unheard hour of 9.ooam (“Sybarite!” I hear you cry), browsing through some beautiful photo-focussed blogs.

Although I do have withdrawal symptoms from not being able to find a forgotten Picasso or slightly chipped piece of Sevres, I must confess that this sleeping-in malarkey has its merits.

So if you are looking to start your Sunday with a few lovely “Ahhhh” moments, then fluff up your European pillows, lay back and have a look at the beautiful photos from these lovely blogs.

Life In Frame – Helene Parish: Paris, Australia, Life – all captured with an artist’s eye

Jennifer Nichole Wells: Wonderfully composed and intriguing miniature photography.

Leaf and Twig: Exquisite nature photography coupled with charming micro-poetic descriptions

Cee’s Photography: Not only beautiful pictures from her own camera but a wonderful array of inspiring photography through her array of photo challenges.

Pear and Bulb: One of the first blogs I followed and the masterful close-up photography and other fascinating shots are worth every return visit.

These are not all of the photo blogs I love so I will try to feature a few each week so as not to over tax your Sunday attentions.

ABOUT EARTH TIME: I appreciate that Western Australian time is way out of sync with Europe and America so apologies if you are reading this at the end of a harrowing Saturday. In 10 to 12 hours you too will be enjoying Sunday!


  1. I can relate to the time zinger, being out of sync with just about everyone except maybe California, who are only an hour ahead of us. But hey those doorways are simply fantastic! I wouldn’t mind standing up super early on a Sunday to walk past a few of those. 🙂

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  2. I have just woken up in Kritsa, a village in Crete where I’ve been since last Wednesday. The local chuch is broadcasting the service from loudspeakers. Now, as the chanting provides a melodic background that’s not quite loud enough to drown out the cicadas, I’ll cook breakfast outside on the balcony and then relax with a book. This is the lazy Sunday morning I dream of when in the UK. X

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  3. Our taste in Sunday mornings couldn’t be more different. I can be lured out early by the morning light, but not to rummage! Ideally I’d snooze a little. But our taste in photo blogs coincides – I’ve found a new one here to follow – thank you!

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    1. So glad you have found a new blog to check out. Would you mind if I featured your beautiful blog next Sunday? I hope you have (or are having a lovely Sunday!)


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