Paris or bust!

Lamp base on the Pont Neuf I took in Paris in spring.
Lamp base on the Pont Neuf I took in Paris in spring.

If you see Paris,

unmoved, like a classic bust,

your heart must be stone

This was one of my first blog post photos the first I took on my first trip to Paris.

A lifetime of dreaming and at last my dreams came true! What better way to start in Paris than to burst out of the Pont Neuf metro station and gaze out on the city from this wonderful bridge? April in Paris, the sky, blue without dazzling, the air, fresh yet not dry, every tree emerald and all the flowers in bloom. What care I for the cynics who scoff at those who see Paris and fall in love? I was in infatuated before I arrived and in love thereafter. That quintessential man of the world, The Doctor, gazed indulgently on as a tear bedewed my cheek. He knew.

Ronovan’s of Ronovan Writes has battled great adversity to continue to generously offer folks a chance to stretch their Haiku wings each Monday and this week’s prompts are Bust and Must.


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