Mondayitis – Google Translation Tripout!

This Sang de Boeuf Chinese vase from the Kong Jia Jun kilns led to a bizarre encounter with Google Translate.
This Sang de Boeuf Chinese vase from the Kong Jia Jun kilns led to a bizarre encounter with Google Translate.

Despite the return of the dreaded Man Flu (see Mondayitis – Man Flu for the whole shocking story) I dragged myself to work and manfully endured my duties until the time came to return home.

On my return journey our local charity store offered a few moments of comfort as I snuffled and coughed my way through the bric-a-brac. My angelic forbearance bore fruit when I espied this splendid Sang de Boeuf flambe vase for a mere nothing.

Returning home I was delighted to find that my years of studying Japanese paid off, as I was able to quickly find the company that manufactured this vase from the Chinese characters on the base.

So far so good.

I don’t know if you have ever resorted to Google Translate to decipher a foreign language. My advice (from someone who has taught an Asian language for 25 years) is “DON’T!”

The name of the actual site of the kiln who makes this porcelain came up in English as…

“Kong Jia Jun Kiln – Big Hole with Chinaware” (unfortunate)

I managed to locate a vase similar to the one I had just found. Delighted I hit the Translate Into English option and this was the description of the item…

“The horse went with clouds, sheep embrace the benefits wind.” 2015 is the Lunar New Year of the Goat Yi Wei, the image of sheep cute, gentle, intimate partner is a human. As the old saying goes: “Ji Xiang things are.” “Lucky” on artifacts multi-way as “Ram.” These words from the ancient people of the diet is important objects – “sheep” of attention. What is “beautiful”? “Sheep” much “beauty”; what is “good”? “Sheep” into the “mouth” to “good.” Scholars have “delicious food” as “Ji”, with “sheep” sacrifice for the “Xiang”, representing good omen. Years passed, and to Ram, Kong Jiajun kiln launched by the China Arts and Crafts master hole with Emily creative design works Zodiac Year of the Goat, “an auspicious beginning”, “radiant.” “Three bighorn sheep gather a stand” of the specific shape, including women and children become Kil Hyong elephant.

Now perhaps I am more than usually stupid but I feel that Google Translate is missing something vital here…meaning.

I must go and take some more cold and flu pills now, not only to reduce the horrifying man-flu symptoms but in the hope that the pseudo-ephedrine induced hallucinatory state will render the above paragraph comprehensible.


  1. Sorry about the man-flu. I understand it’s really bad.

    After years of working with international colleagues without any language skills (except an old qualification in Latin) the scariest thing is that the Google Translate makes sense to me (largely). The trick is to read it without any expectation that it will make any sense at all. Then anything you do glean is a plus. There are all kinds of jokes I could make about the sheep though, but I’ll forbear.

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    1. I agree with you there. A “global” impression is what you are looking for…unless you are as passionate about sheep as the translation seems to be. 🙂 The elephants at the end also intrigued me. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. An elephantus ex machina, no doubt.

        Big Hole with Chinaware is perhaps very philosophical – the idea of making a space special by encasing it in pottery. Not sure how it would work with a plate – perhaps in that case the whole universe would be the hole.

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