Writes of Spring

These native Western Australian wildflowers are called
These native Western Australian wildflowers are called “Everlastings” because their paper like petals can stay pretty even when they are dried.

Little Wendy, Grandmamma and Grandpapa Lowenbrau, the “Danger twins” and Mother had gone to see a vintage tractor show leaving Great Aunt Eunice with her easel in the garden.

Springtime had just begun and the garden blazed like an emerald, the brilliant green of the new shoots reflecting the dappled light.

“Tut tut tut!” said Aunt Eunice as she applied the wash of blue for the sky.

Although the flowers were not yet blooming she loaded her brush with vermilion and touched it exactly where a rose should have been.

A rose burst from the bush with a loud “pop”.

Working through the spectrum, Great Aunt Eunice applied her brush again and again and each time, a flower appeared – fragrant lavender, golden crocuses, bluebells, marigolds, hollyhocks.

At last, when the final bud had opened, the Velie touring car turned into the driveway and the family debouched.

“Goodness! How quickly spring arrives!” exclaimed Grandmamma, as Eunice, with a quiet smile, packed away a rather amateurish painting of a garden.

“Well that is just typical.” sighed mother.


In response to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers using the lovely photo prompt courtesy of Graham Lawrence. The feature image is of a single bud in a field of wildflowers that I photographed in our own wonderful King’s Park just this weekend.



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