It’s Behind You!

A delightful group of Bretons at the Carnival de St Malo reminded me of some of the pantomimes we delighted in as children...NOT!
A delightful group of Bretons at the Carnival de St Malo reminded me of some of the pantomimes we delighted in as children…NOT!

It’s Flash Fiction time again with stories 175 words and less! The photo prompt is of a theatre and so, I find that this is time to tell the 175 word tale…

It’s Behind You!

Little Wendy, Great Aunt Eunice, Grandmamma and Grandpappa Lowenbrau, the “Danger twins” and Mother knew something was wrong when the pig exploded.

True, the Widow Twankey’s lurid wig was slightly askew and moments when the two inside the pantomime-horse took different directions, but the children and Grandpappa Lowenbrau were riveted.

“Tut tut tut.” Muttered Great Aunt Eunice as a large papier-mache pig was wheeled onto the stage by a dubious fairy.

“Where’s my naughty pig?” asked the Widow Twankey.

“It’s behind you!” voiced the audience in true pantomime form.



Grandmamma reached for her opera glasses.

At that moment the pig emitted ominous sounds from within and then exploded. Six policemen burst onto the stage brandishing arrest warrants. The Widow Twankey was quickly subdued and cuffed. Aladdin and the Genie attempted to flee but were tasered, while the horse, suddenly coordinated, fled from the theatre never to be seen again.

Later sensational reports about explosives hidden in the Widow Twankey’s ample stage bosom filled the papers.

“Well that is just typical!” sighed mother.


Many thanks to Priceless Joy for the inspiration and to Etol Bagam for the photo prompt which inspired this tale of high drama.

The pantomime of Aladdin is a stock favorite still emerging around Christmas time in Britain, Australia and goodness only knows where else. The Widow Twankey is always played by a man dressed in a ridiculous costume and wig and is apparently Aladdin’s mother. It all goes downhill from there…

Low farce, double entendre and saucy remarks are de rigueur and one of the characters must always pretend to not be aware of something behind them evoking side-splitting hilarity from the adoring public.

Simpler times, simpler pleasures.


  1. Hahaha! The pig exploded! What a hilarious cast of characters! This reminds me of the shows like the “Three Stooges.” Their shows were during “simplier times.” Gotta love the old shows that have someone behind one of the characters making fun of them and “supposedly” only the audience knows. They are a barrel of laughs! Thank you, once again, for participating in FFfAW Challenge!

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