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Cargo ship

Chesney! Oh Chesney dear wake up!

What is it Barbara?

I think we’ve stopped.

Diddums, how many times have it told you to stop saying that?

But I really think we have stopped this time.

You really are starting to get just a little bit repetitious dearest one…What was that?

We seem to be moving again.

But up?

Perhaps the ocean…Oh Chesney! Here it goes again. My poor tum tum!

Try and do a neat sick Barbara darling. My Burberry can’t take any more.


We seem to have stopped again.

I wish we could see.

Wait! The door! It’s opening Chesney!

Stand back Barbara and let me handle this!

I say! You there! Where is the manager?


Oh Lord! Foreigners! The MANAGER!


I wish to speak to the manager of the “Dream Vacation Ocean Cruises” and complain about our accommodation! When they said “Private Suite” I did not imagine he meant a sea container…And, by the way, Is this Calais?


This is a photo of a Cargo ship in our local port Fremantle. The little story is based on the prompt provided by Sonya of “Only 100 Words” and the weekly Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers short story challenge.

wpid-photo-20151012091702621 (Small)


  1. I am thinking they are not on a cruise ship after all! Hilarious take to the prompt TJ! Poor lady, the starts and stops are making her sick. Move over Diddums. LOL! Cute story TJ and thank you for your participation.

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  2. You have a knack for dialogue. I started out with a smile, wondering where this piece would lead me, and ended up laughing throughout it. Lol, I want to know what happens next! Great job with this take on the prompt.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Quite the voyage. I love the voice of the narrator that you establish and “I wish to speak to the manager…. Is this Calais?”

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