This bird shape is suspended on wires between buildings and looked surprisingly real in the sunlight.
This bird shapes is suspended on wires and looked surprisingly real in the sunlight.

Since taking up photography as a hobby several years ago I find myself now appreciating the world so much more. There seems to be a realisation out there in the Western World that we need to start rethinking about how we look at things. The trend towards “mindfulness” is a reaction to the malaise that we seems to have fallen into. A world where we have access to more stimulation than ever before and yet an increasing inability to appreciate it.

Some dried twigs at City Beach Perth
Some dried twigs at City Beach Perth

Capturing a moment on a camera is an enjoyable pastime but more importantly, it shapes the way you look at the worlds. Your eye becomes more attuned to details and colour. You tend to notice the way light falls and how disparate objects interact to produce sudden harmonies.

The strange serendipity, the  “happy chances” that, it you are alert, come about to delight you.

I highly recommend taking your flower shots from below with the ceiling as the background.
I highly recommend taking your flower shots from below with the ceiling as the background.

I used to drive to work in a desultory sort of way, mulling over the day ahead and oblivious to pretty much all else except the vehicles around. Now I glance about me (all the while ensuring that I am driving with great care and attention) and each day reveals a new pleasure. It could be clouds incarnadined by the rising sun, a mist across the river, a pelican perched on one of the streetlamps or reflections off the city buildings.

A band of clouds early one morning in Perth

Of course I can’t take photos while driving so I store them up in my memory and try to recall them during the day when the moment is less picturesque.

I am not claiming that my life is now devoid of distress because of a picturesquely perched pelican, but if your account book of pleasure vs pain is in credit at the end of each day then “things aint so bad!”

So if you find your world a little grey, I can highly recommend taking up a camera and start actively looking for beauty. You will be surprised how much of it is just nearby.

A night time photo I took in Hoi An

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  1. Perth looks so beautiful! I always smile when you mention it because I’m writing about Perth Scotland right now. Every time I tell someone my book takes place in Perth, they go “Australia?”

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  2. That’s exactly what I do whilst driving! I very often find myself thinking… if only I’d brought my camera… and then realising there’s nowhere safe to pull over anyway! But those little moments – little scenes – are just magic. Xx

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  3. This is a very lovely perspective on the role of photography. When I was at school studying art history there were some theorists that wrote about photography as a means of being productive and creating something out of habit (specifically we discussed tourists that habitually take photos) and in that light, it all seemed so mechanical. The way in which you’ve written about photography feels a lot more poetic and runs contrary what I studied and provides a more sensitive approach, which I love. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to send me your thoughts. So delighted that the post spoke to you. It is easy to see photography as a mechanical process but to me the fact that you are literally capturing a unique moment makes you appreciate the potential of everyday thing to become magical. ☺ I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. TJ


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