The Code of the Lowenbrau

Did the pedestal of this statue in Versailles house the Holy Grail?

Did the pedestal of this statue in Versailles house the Holy Grail?


It’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers time again and the Lowenbraus are at it again!

Hope you enjoy the 175 word…

The Code of the Lowenbrau

Grandmamma and Grandpapa Lowenbrau, Little Wendy, Great Aunt Eunice, the “Danger twins” and Mother peered at the base of the statue and clearly saw the words mentioned on the ancient parchment Aunt Eunice found in the spine of her first edition of ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses’.


Grandmother was already preparing mentally for the huge flood of media attention that would pour upon them all when it became known that they had found the holy grail!

“And all in one afternoon too!” Grandmamma gloated.

After the discovery of the ancient map it had been a mere doddle to locate the hidden passageway in the Musée de Cluny, convert that pesky Jesuit in the catacombs, charm the immortal Knight Templar and reach Versailles where the treasure apparently lay.

Little Wendy stretched forth her finger and pressed the letter “T”.

A panel sunk inwards revealing a hidden chamber containing only a small note.

“Tut tut tut!” said Great Aunt Eunice

There in script were the words…

“April Stulti!” Joseph ab Arimathea

“Well that is just typical!” sighed mother.


NOTE: LATIN “April Stulti!” Joseph ab Arimathea – Translation “April Fool!” Joseph of Arimathea

Many thanks to Sonya from Only 100 Words for the prompt photo below


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