Lazy Sunday – Carnival of Blogs

People Spin About in the blue. A photo I took this September at our yearly Agricultural Show.
People Spin About in the blue. A photo I took this September at our yearly Agricultural Show.

It’s Sunday!

In Perth, Western Australia we have a spring “Carnival”, the Perth Royal Show where people flock in their thousands to see wood chopping demonstrations, strange looking chickens and be tossed about in a wide range of dubious fun fair rides.

People willingly pay $15 dollars to ride these contraptions.
People willingly pay $15 dollars to ride these contraptions.

As it is a year since I started blogging I thought I would enter into the carnival spirit and share some photos I took this year.

Are these swings safe? How can say, but they looked very picturesque

As well as this I want o mention a few blogs that I have particularly enjoyed on the blogging journey and include their links below for those who might like to explore further.

A mere $10 dollars for all the whiplash you can handle.

Curtis Bausse is a blogger and novelist. He currently hosts an intriguing photo challenge focusing on locations and close up photography as well as posting a wide range of reflections of life, humour and travel.

Susan Rushton embodies for me the very best in flower photography. I have mentioned her beautiful blog before but if you want to go “Aaaah” this Sunday then do check out some of her work.

Hogrider Dookes’ blog contains wonderful tales of his journeys around France and other places on his impressive bike. His photography and writing fills you with the desire to visit the places he see and we get a glimpse into parts of France that most people will never visit.

I first read one of Andrew Petcher’s posts when I just started blogging and found his wonderful knack of sharing his travel experiences while giving the history of his destinations with such flair inspiring. He always has beautiful photography to share as well.

Eternally interesting the photograpy of Pear and Bulb amazes in a huge range of genres

Globe-T The Travelling Winter Hat has continued to share wonderful views of the world from the perspective of a woolen beanie.

A typical Perth Sky and the sun gleaming off the Ferris wheel
A typical Perth Sky and the sun gleaming off the Ferris wheel

More Recently I have become addicted to the following blogs…

Helene Parish of Life In Frame is a wonderfully talented young photographer who produces an amazing array of beautiful photographic imagery. A fellow Western Australian, she has created an amazing collection of local colour as well as views from over the seas.

Edwina’s Episodes: A blogger who writes with great humour and heart (and also a fellow haiku devotee)

Elusive Trope is an author of wonderful poetry, a sharer of beautiful imagery and a writer of great reflection. His work is inspirational and wonderfully crafted.

This is far from everyone I enjoy reading but I fear if I go one people might not care to see everything in one sitting so next weekend I will showcase more of my favorites with poetry as a focus.

I am currently following over 200 blogs I find so I am thinking of hosting a meet and greet every last Sunday of the month where people can share their work and find new inspiration on a Sunday.

A human pinwheel spins above the "Superbowl"
A human pinwheel spins above the “Superbowl”

Hope you have a peaceful and delightful day!



  1. Thank you for your kind words and for the honor of being included on your list. I would look forward to a meet and greet if you hosted it. And thank you for the links to wonderful blogs. Lastly, I might be clinically crazy but you won’t see me on one of those death carnival machines. :0

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you are most welcome and glad you found some of the links interesting. I am with you on the rides. I am well past the age of enjoying screaming in fear. I only have to watch news for that. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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