Driving Lesson-A Lowenbrau Tale

This 1975 Chevrolet Caprice caught my eye at a local car show.
This 1975 Chevrolet Caprice caught my eye at a local car show.

Grandmamma and Grandpapa Lowenbrau, Little Wendy, and Great Aunt Eunice sat in the back seat of the 1975 Chevrolet Caprice.

“Bertie” the Danger Twin and Mother were in the front about to start Bertie’s first driving lesson.

“Put your foot firmly on the brake and start the engine.” said Mother calmly.

Bertie carefully depressed the brake and turned the key. The engine roared into life.

“Bertie! What are you trying to do? Kill us all?” boomed Grandmamma

“But I…”

“Steady my boy! Steady!” said Grandfather breaking his usual silence.

“But I…”

“We are all going to die!” screamed little Wendy


“Tut tut tut!” said Great Aunt Eunice in a particularly forbidding tone.


“Oh for goodness sake!” said mother pushing a big red button on the centre of the dashboard.

The car roof sprang up and the back seat ejected from the car, sending its passengers far into the stratosphere where a parachute automatically deployed and deposited them safely behind the Lowenbrau residence.

Bertie smiled at Mother.

“Now let’s drive” She said.


Many thanks to Priceless Joy for this week’s prompt photo below from Pixabay.


    1. At the time I got my license I was working on a farm and the farmer told the policeman I had to have my license to drive farm vehicles. After a hair-raising drive on unsurfaced country roads I was told I had done practically everything wrong and then was given my license. Ahhh, gotta love the 80’s. 🙂


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