In Bloom – Haiku

On a strange dead tree in the center of a reed filled swamp, cranes roost in springtime.
On a strange dead tree in the center of a reed filled swamp, cranes roost in springtime.

In the golden reeds

Suddenly a withered tree

Has cranes for blossoms

It happened at last! Ronovan had two prompt words that forced me to take a new picture. “Cranes and Gold” are the prompts this week and I had to take a trip to Lake Monger, a reed infested swamp a stones throw from my workplace teeming with wildlife (mostly birds, turtles and deadly tiger snakes.) It is actually quite a lovely place. These cranes roost in the center of the reeds on a big dead tree and the effect is quite surreal.

Weekly Haiku for Ronovan Writes prompts “Crane and Gold”




    1. You are very kind but you should not short sell yourself. I really enjoy your haiku. I love the capacity of a few words to give a glimpse into a writer’s mind.


      1. Thank you so much–you are, as always, a lovely gentleman. Haiku is definitely a different poetic creature than other forms–I constantly marvel, and attempt to improve mine.

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  1. I feel inspired by your wonderful haiku, that lovely photograph and all the metaphors it suggests.

    Rest here then take flight
    Life seems gone, yet flowering still
    Death is part of life

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  2. It’s amazing how Ron inspires one into creating a new visual to match a haiku. I was put in a similar position that turned out to be a unique experience into cut and paste that I haven’t done since I was a kid. Loved your post, TJ. The cranes really do look like blossoms.

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      1. I have a similar sentiment. I never thought I’d be drawn to the art of haiku with photography as its mate. How things change in a short period of time. For me it’s been less than a year. Just came naturally.

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