Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle
On a rocky outcrop in the ocean this wonderful sea eagle sits atop its amazing nest of driftwood.

A sea eagle waits

On a driftwood covered rock

A splash of color

A few weeks ago I traveled by boat to a little island just off our coast. On the far side of the island I spotted this sea eagle on top of its impressive nest built on a rock sitting in the ocean. The amazing quantity of twigs it had used to construct its nest contrasted strangely with the single spot of color in the whole structure from a piece of frayed green rope. Did the eagle see this little splash of color as the “finishing touch” to its home.

We shall never know, but it was a very special thing to be able to take a photo of this rare and majestic bird, victorious in its battle with the elements and the ravages of the sea.

Sea Eagle
Close up of the eagle and the one splash of color on its nest.

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