These seagulls were eyeing off my Krispy Creme doughnut. I was unmoved. A photo I took the other day in Perth Western Australia.

The Opportunists

Waiting on a sky blue wall

For the wind to change

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners


  1. The haiku is amazing in and of itself. Opportunists fence sitting. Politicians. Investment Bankers. Grifters. Yet the photo gives it a layer of humor. Of course, after seeing “Finding Nemo,” all I can think of when I see seagulls is “Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!”

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    1. Oh yeah, the photograph is awesome. I love that shade of blue of the wall, it just has the feel of the ocean. And getting both birds looking in the same direction, their attention focused on something like true opportunists.

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      1. It was one of those little aside shots I snapped while getting into my car and they both were checking out what was going on. I am glad you liked the blue as I felt it had a water quality too. Thanks so much for the kind words. I really appreciate your opinion. Hope you have a relaxing weekend! TJ

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