French Friday

St Servan
Life in a little French fishing town off the Brittany coast. The best parts of French life are something to be treasured and celebrated.

This is a scene we captured from the top of the Tor Solidor overlooking the idyllic town of St Servan one delightful spring day. The little corsair ships with their distinctive russet sails added an extra level of charm.

The wonder of such places is the way in which the modern blends imperceptibly with the ancient and the feeling of history and culture is wonderfully strong.

A simple day of simple pleasures. A wonderful meal at a little shore-side restaurant and a stroll about the town.

When I remember this day, free from care, my heart goes out to the people of France at the moment coming to terms with tragedy.

I hope and pray that France can rediscover the peace and tranquillity that I remember this one spring day.


    1. Thanks so very much! I am very flattered. I haven’t heard of this Award before so am very intrigued. Very best wishes and thank you for taking the time to think of me! 🙂


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