Mondayitis – My sad addiction

The happy couple
These two were married in Gold Rush Melbourne in the late 1800s. Did I see my ancient relative’s impressive bushman’s beard appear in my bathroom just the other day or was it my reflection in the fogged up mirror? You decide.

I am afraid I have become addicted…hooked. I have to have a daily fix!

I who swore I was impervious to such tawdry habits. I who spurned the very thought of sinking so low as to become attached to such cheap narcotics.

Yes…I confess it! I have become hopelessly addicted to…

“Ghost Adventures”

For those unfortunates who have never seen this revelatory show it basically consists of three “Ghost Adventurers” who get locked into derelict buildings at night with no lights on. They then proceed to stumble about in the dark desperately hoping to record something that goes bump in the night.

It is formulaic in the extreme but endlessly fascinating, not because the “evidence” they collect is absolutely compelling (it is sometimes rather creepy), but for the interplay of the main “investigators”. There is Zac Bagins (“I’m Zac Bagins” begins the intro to the show), who after seeing a levitating brick in his youth has devoted himself to tracking down ghosts. Nick, comrade of Zac, who is regularly the victim of spirit induced stomach upsets and then there is Aaron. Poor, poor Aaron. Aaron is the camera man but somehow he has taken on the role of human sacrifice. If there is any particularly dark or noisome place to explore or any previous record of horrible manifestations or malevolent spirits, Aaron is the one to be sent there alone by Zac to “Check it out”.

Aaron is particularly good at attracting malevolent spirits. He is also particularly good at making the most astonishing noises of fear. The spectral footsteps or spirit rappings he picks up on his digital recorder are always followed by his strange strangulated groans and the inevitable “Whoah Duuuuuuuude!” which seems to be the correct response for any ghostly communication.

Until I became hooked on this show I had no idea there were so many abandoned and derelict buildings in America, or indeed how many spirits were waiting to communicate with Zac and the crew. Glowing orbs, moving toys, voices, footsteps and an occasional full bodied apparition while the three intrepid investigators bumble about in the dark, freaking themselves out and sending Aaron to his next solo assignment in an abandoned padded cell or mould infested attic. This show has it all.

So if you are wanting quality television, I cannot but recommend you get access to this programme. Lock all the doors, turn off the lights, switch on the box and…

“Whoooooooah duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!”

Remember…The truth is out there, but this may not be it.

The Daily Post: Hate to Love


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