Dolly Dimples in La La Land

Dolly Dimples was pleased her dress matched the tsunami

Dolly Dimples in La La Land

Dolly Dimples put on her best taffeta frock and a cupcake in her hair.

“Perfect” she said to her reflection in the fish kettle.

Striking several matches, she set fire to the tea towels, just as Mamma had taught her, and flung them out of the attic window.

After travelling to the bottom of the stairs on the larger of Granny’s silver tea trays, Dolly Dimples rebalanced the cat and sent the Canary another telegram.

“We can but hope!” she thought.

Being Thursday, Dolly Dimples baked the quilt and a dozen Mille-feuille for the aliens that lived in the third poplar to the left.

“Such greedies!” she sighed, pushing the smaller of Granny’s silver tea trays through the cat flap.

Her duties for the day done, Dolly Dimples reclined on the asparagus bed and flicked snails at the postman until bedtime.

As she switched off the electric eel that night Dolly Dimples thought…

“This has been a day well spent.”


Thanks to Priceless Joy for the prompt for this weeks Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and for Etol Bagam for the photo prompt below.



    1. You have made my weekend! Thank you so much for this! I am blushing under my beard. I so enjoy writing these stories and to know that someone else enjoys them is a wonderful thing. I hope you have a lovely weekend! Thanks again! TJ 🙂

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