Wildlife Wednesday

Huntsman Spider
This large native spider from Western Australia likes to appear inside on walls and then jump at your head or insert itself into your closet.

This 4 inch wide huntsman spider was on the bedroom wall the other night.

I would like to point out that we Aussies are known for our capacity for  playing superhero types and that Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame is just the typical Aussie bloke you see everywhere. I have not published a photo of my own Aussie torso for fear of causing worldwide palpitations amongst female (and even dare I say a few male?) blog readers.

Anyway, when I saw this spider I did what any Dinky Di Bronzed Aussie demi-god would do…

I Ran around screaming like a girl and then sucked it up with the vacuum cleaner.

I threw the dust bag out into the garden where the spider emerged from the bag, dustier but less likely to insinuate itself into my underwear drawer during the night.



  1. I hear you! I know exactly what you mean! We had a monster one on our back door the other day. Needless to say …. everyone opted to walking the few extra meters so they didn’t need to use the back door! I think they are getting bigger … 😳

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    1. Argh! I don’t mind if I can actually see it…It is where it disappears to afterwards that freaks me out. It is when they are so big that they start using the cat flap you have to really worry. I am sure they are getting bigger too!

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      1. LOL! Well don’t get me wrong. I don’t actually LOL at all with spiders. Last year we watched about a zillion babies leaving home for the first time. It happened on our outdoor couch …. while we were sitting on it! I think we all broke the 100m record. Noooooo … !

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  2. I don’t mind spiders so much as I don’t like surprises. I have ripped out a shower curtain or two attempting an expedited exit from a giant spider who decided the tub was it’s new lair.
    Underwear drawer? I feel a pucker just imagining it.

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