TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Tile

Delft Tile
This old deflt tile from the 18th Century was a cool find for a mere $2 at the local car boot sale.

For three hundred years

Displayed in the fireplace

This dried arrangement

The prompt for this week is “Tiles”. How little thought do we give to an item that has been a vital part of houses since ancient times.

Can you compose a haiku about them? “Tiles” could refer to a specific tile design, their use, their colour…anything that strikes your fancy. All contributions are featured in next week’s challenge.

I found a tile inspired haiku on Pour une seul note which Ada kindly allowed me to share here if you would like to see some beautiful tiles and a great French haiku.

Many thanks to the contributors to last week’s prompt.

Lady Lee Manila found solace in the dark and brightened my day

Edwina’s Episodes haiku gives us a warm inner glow despite a cold reception

J Lapis of Darklight Harbour has a heavenly touch this week where the haiku really shines

Tucked Into a Corner illuminates us thricely with these brilliant haiku!

And finally for last week, Elusive Trope, shows where the true light shines.

If you would like to participate then simply write your own haiku on a post on your own blog and add a link to it in the comment section (press the black speech bubble at the bottom of this post to access comments) Tagging you post “TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge” will help others find you poetry.

Best wishes! TJ






    1. Three is always lucky when you write your haiku. Thanks so much for participating. I look forward to your poems each week. Hope you have a wonderful week! TJ


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