Lazy Sunday – Rottnest Western Australia

Quokka 3
Mummy and Daddy Quokka with a baby Quokka’s tail visible sticking out of mummy Quokka’s pouch. Oh the cuteness!

Rottnest is located about 20 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia and has undergone a number of transitions over the centuries. The Dutch seemed to have a penchant for landing on the West coast of Australia, leaving large pewter plates nailed to a post on various remote locations and then sailing off, never thinking to claim it for Holland. Lucky for us! They landed on “Rottnest” briefly in the mid 1600s. Seeing the native marsupials which are called “Quokkas” they mistook them for huge rats they called the place “Rats’ Nest” and the name stuck ever more.

Actually a little marsupial, the Quokka is an adorable and friendly create that can only be found on Rottnest. These little kangaroo-like creatures were insultingly mistaken for rats by the Dutch. The shoe in the picture gives you an idea of their size.

Before this it was inhabited by the Australian Aborigines and later it became a prison colony, a location for armaments in WWII and finally a holiday destination for generations of Western Australians who enjoy the simple lifestyle and the lovely environment.

It is a delightful place that you can ride around on a bike in 4 hours or so.d I did this in October and was delighted that I didn’t die of a heart attack despite the unexpected exercise and numerous hills.

This is a picture of just one of the many coves that make up the coast of this little pleasure island.

Depending on the time of day each of the little bays shows different colours and exposes different rock formations.

Rottnest rock pool
A spring photo on the island of Rottnest in Western Australia. The numerous aquamarine coves are an ever changing wonder.

There is a tiny railway on the island and very few vehicles so most people get about on foot or by bike. It is a place that many Perth dwellers associate with lazy days in the little holiday shacks overlooking the limpid pools, swimming, fishing and exploring.


Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition


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