What the Lowenbrau Saw

Dinon Flowers
These charming wildflowers on a wall in picturesque Dinan was what Mother saw.

Grandmamma and Grandpapa Lowenbrau, Little Wendy, the Danger Twins, Great Aunt Eunice and a unicorn made of stars drifted across the rainbow.

“Look!…Pretty!” said little Wendy when the wildflowers growing on the wall burst into huge fountains of purple fireworks.

Aunt Eunice was too busy using her monocle as a hula hoop to notice and Grandfather, inflated like a balloon, turned eau de nil and floated up to the top of the church spire.

“I forbid you to float up to the top of the church spire!” scolded Grandmamma riding past on a dolphin made of lapis lazuli.

The danger twins were now fully entangled with the giant octopus that had emerged from the centre of the purple sunflowers bursting out over the sky.

Mother wondered why all the family had just jumped up from the picnic and were running around like maniacs. She smelt the mushroom quiche that she had been unable to eat due to an unfortunate experience with a truffle as a child. Psilocybe cubensis!

“Well that is just typical!” she sighed

This is what everyone else saw.



Thanks as always to Priceless Joy for the prompt each week. This week’s photo is from Pixabay. The wildflowers on a wall was a photo I snapped one spring in the absolutely delightful town of Dinan in Brittany.




    1. You have made my day! Thanks so much and sorry for the delay replying as I am operating on Western Australian time which usually see me around while everyone is asleep in the rest of the world. A Christmas story is a great idea. Thanks! 🙂


  1. I was wondering if perhaps you eat mushrooms of the magical type before you write. Your stories are wild with imagination and so much fun to read! I constantly find myself looking forward to what that witty mind of yours has come up with next!! Once again a huge success!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I am so delighted that you enjoy the stories! Thank you so much! I do not resort to hallucinatory substances for inspiration…real life has plenty of absurd moments to enjoy and be inspired by. Thanks again for your lovely comments (blushing under my beard!)

      Liked by 1 person

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