Insane Clown Eyes

Luna Park eyes only
Run children! RUN! The creepy entrance of Luna Park Sydney

The theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge is “Eye Spy”. So this is a shot of the manic eyes of the entrance to Luna Park in Sydney. I have posted the entrance before but this close up shot shows the creepy eyes to perfection.

Here is a little poem inspired by the photo.

I went to a fun fair

And a manic clown

Stared into my soul

Amazing how a glass of wine or two at lunch helps the creative juices to flow…hic!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy


      1. Well, I’m not fond of clowns, I confess–a lot of people report clownophobia. Here in the US, a notable serial killer worked as a birthday clown for kids’ parties (until he was imprisoned)–that definitely impacted many who now associate him with any and all clowns…

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