TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Keyhole

DSCF3506 (Large)
This is the keyhole which opens the door to the Pantheon in Paris. I snapped this there and thought it a little more picturesque than my own “deadlock”.

Peep through the keyhole.

See! Right there on the table!

The salad dressing!

Most of us, alas, must live with locks. What do you lock or unlock? What has a keyhole in your house? It could be a keyhole in an antique box or the well worn keyhole of your front door. Share a picture and a haiku stemming from this idea and join the household haiku crew!

Thanks to those who participated last week with the prompt “Tile”

Lady Lee Manila places the first tile this week.

Tucked into a corner has cleverly combined three “tiles” to make a magic pattern.

A Haiku of classic proportions from Elusive Trope. Love the photo!!!

Like Mercury Colliding went for the triple word score with this one! Great!

Edwina’s episodes made cutting remarks on her tile entry this week.

Jael Aster almost had the last word with her wonderful take on the prompt.

Two tiles from Pat B. The second made me almost cry for the poor Q.

Pour une seul kindly allowed me to share her wonderful French poem on tiles too!

If you would like to participate then please write your take on the prompt “Keyhole” and add a link to your post in the comment section. I will then review them next week.

Hope you enjoy browsing through out participants’ poems and that you will take this chance to share your own haiku inspirations.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend! TJ






    1. Another wonderful triplet. Glad that this prompt held the key to unlocking your creative talent. (Please don’t hate me for the cheap puns…I can’t help myslef!) Best wishes for a wonderful week! Tj


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