Lazy Sunday – Punday Sunday

Storm in a Teacup
I hope that Punday Sunday will be more than a storm in a teacup (yes, you may groan)

I have been tossing up an idea for a while after I enjoyed a lengthy pun exchange on a poetry post.

I apologise in advance to those who find puns puerile and infuriating but I must confess that the groan and wry smile that a good pun produces is not something I despise.

Consequently I will, once a month, give a pun prompt. This will then start a comment chain which requires you to add your own pun (or puns) to the conversation. You are welcome to comment at any point, bounce off the puns of others or come up with a new twist.

The “stirring” first prompt for this inaugural “Punday Sunday” is

“TEA”, so “bag” yourself an opportunity to be a part of this “pour” attempt at humour.

If you would like to join in then click the black speech bubble and the comments will open.




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