Wildflower Wednesday – Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw
Kangaroo paws come in a wide variety of shades.

These native Australian Wildflowers known as the “kangaroo paw” due to its supposed resemblance to a…yes that’s right…Kangaroo’s paw bloom once each spring and throw forth their rather bizarre blossoms. They soon die off and return to their prosaic low grassy selves.

Kangaroos actually love eating the flowers and at the golf course near our house they plant kangaroo paws regularly as ornamentals each spring only to have the kangaroos who live on the actual golf course polish them of with monotonous regularity.



        1. It is the feet you have to be careful of. Another lovely Aussie critter. The big ones can kill you if you get kicked in the stomach by them. Ah Australia!


          1. I haven’t heard of any koala attacks but you don’t generally get up close and personal with them (unless you happen to find your self 30 feet up a gum tree. 🙂


          2. They are adorable. They spend most of the time asleep as the gum tree leaves they eat have practically no nutrition so they have to preserve energy.


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